London - Between Grenada and France. And Maggie May is Getting Painted!

En route from the Caribbean to France.
Our flight stopped in London.

So we spent an extra day or two.

 - I wanted to see the David Hockney exhibition, and we booked tickets to "Motown". 
It feels so - busy and urban - after Grenada!

LOVE his colors! Of course I would.

Both are excellent - and I love being in London. 
But - even with a strong dollar and a weak pound, it's pricey.

Back in France, it feels so good to see Maggie May again! 
I'm surprised how - familiar - it feels, and how comfortable.

And: Spring is happening! 
Flowers fill the spaces between the vineyard rows.

Birds chirp and the air smells of fruit blossoms. 
The leaves are just coming out. 

I forgot how invigorating spring could be! 
It feels energetic and fresh. 

As the summer season is approaching, we get a new mooring spot.
Behind the bridge and out of the way of the summer rental boats.
 I like it.

But - we buy some extra fenders or "bumpers".
Just in case.

A lot of the rental boat drivers are beginners - as we well know.

Mikey, Iris and Erik judge the tunnel as Kilian drives our rental boat. 3 years ago.

Now, we're heading off to the US to get our long-stay visas for France. 
And maybe do taxes and get the New Mexico house ready for the summer house sitters. 

While we're gone, José is going to finish painting the upper portions of the boat.

 (He painted the hull while we were in the shipyard, up "on the hard".)


 It looks pretty good - but close up, the paint needs work. 
(Here's an in-progress pic of the paint job - )

...during the paint job...

Inside, however - looks surprisingly spiffy. 

But the best part of all is just - being able to BE on the boat. 
On the canal.

With a small glass of wine.