Los Ranchos, New Mexico

Home on Guadalupe Trail. 
Los Ranchos, New Mexico.

At least - it WAS home for 20 years. 
We sold and gave away everything, and became "homeless on a global scale". 
(-Not my phrase, but - appropriate-) 

Well, except for Maggie May. 

But I was always open to the idea of leaving.
Ready to pack up and - hit the road.

View from my bench most mornings - with a sketchbook and a cup of coffee. 

Cleo waited in a warm spot for us to return.

The house was an old adobe, so shelves hung from the wooden ceilings.

It was an excellent kitchen for cooking.
People gathered there naturally, although it was small.

It's not far from old Route 66. 
Lots of old style architecture there.

Stan's "garden sculpture" in the back.
Home for found objects and old tools.

"And when the snow comes falling down, I get the urge for going..."

- Joni Mitchell

Cleo never ventured too far from home. A homebody cat.

And now...we have a new "home". 
On a boat! Maggie May.

On the Canal du Midi. In the south of France.

Update - as of 2021-!
We now have yet ANOTHER wonderful home - 


More on that - here...