Meanwhile, Back in Los Ranchos

An Illustrated Chronicle of Travel, Art, and Finding Home

Travel, when all goes smoothly, everyone gets along, lodgings are comfortable and the food delicious - this is its own reward. But the best stories come from the times when things don't go according to plan. 

This book is filled with those stories. Finding an ear for dinner, chicken feet for breakfast, being arrested for reckless parking, rogues and revolutions. These are the episodes that make for good stories, at least after the fact. And then - home to Los Ranchos.

Filled with hundreds of vibrant watercolor illustrations and stories of travel, living abroad, and the joy of returning home.

Journal Artist

An Illustrated Chronicle of Travel, Art, and Finding Home

This book is for everyone who enjoys illustrated journals, travel, art, maps, creativity, watercolors and keeping a record of the details of life. It contains almost a thousand different journal pages, plus tips on making your own. 

No Chicken Feet for Breakfast

For most meals, most ingredients, you only need ONE great recipe.  
One great cauliflower recipe. 
One great way to cook mushrooms. 
One pork loin and roast potatoes recipe. 
Everything else is plus.

These are the recipes I turn to, again and again. 
They work.

Plus: the small paperback format means it fits in my backpack...while traveling.