We Found a Boat! Maggie May.

We found a canal boat to live on in France.

Down in the Midi, almost at the Mediterranean.

There are palm trees and the air is clear and clean. 
It's windy, and chilly - but oh so beautiful.

After all - it's still November.

THIS boat fits all the criteria.

It's spacious and is built well.
We both like it. No question.

And Stan can even stand up - even inside it!

Plenty of space inside. 
And a great aft deck outside.

The previous owners had to return to England suddenly, and it hasn't been cleaned up. 

3 cabins, 3 heads. (That's toilets, for you non-nautical types.)

Galley (kitchen) and living room in one open area. -I like that.

A space for a possible art studio. 

Not too tall, too long, too short, too wide. 
The proverbial Goldilocks boat.

It also needs a paint job. And some repairs.

And: wouldn't it be cool to have a wood stove installed?
And solar panels? (I don't even know the names for those in French!)

However: The French canals close for winter.

If we want her, we have to move her NOW - today (!)

To the shipyard to have the inspections and survey done.
Everything is moving fast.

So, like buying a house, we've agreed on a price. 

Now - all these steps and inspections. 
Documents and registrations and agreements.

Hoops to jump through. 

In French. 

But I have a feeling it'll all turn out okay.

Therefore, we've been having small "pique-niques" on the deck of the boat - even though we don't own it yet - complete with a little French wine - celebrating the potential success of the Boat Hunt!

Now: The survey. 
Hull testing. 
Engine oil analysis. 
Nautical testing. 

Figuring out all the stuff we don't know. 
(We don't know much, really-)

She (you have to call her "she"--) 
has to be pulled up out of the water and carefully inspected. 
And then the negotiations continue.

Then, she has to be painted and any repairs done.

And all this - in France.
 I even have to look up simple words like "starboard" and "port"! 

Sometimes, it feels a bit overwhelming. 
Sometimes it's just unbelievable. 

But: There's always a decent bottle of wine. Or two. 

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!