08 August 2015

Swiss Lakes and Alpine Glacier Trains

There must be a rule in Switzerland:
Thou shalt not take photos when the weather is not absolutely beautiful.

Mikey and Iris and Kilian join us in Switzerland.
From various directions, we find each other at the "Meeting Point".
Zürich train station.

(My parents used to call it "The Center of the World."
Who knows?)

At - the actual - CENTER. The Meeting Point. Zürich Train Station.

Our plan was to take the Glacier Express
This time in summer.

From St. Moritz to Zermatt.
Across the Alps. 

I lived in Switzerland for 5 years
2 years in Zürich, 2 years in Geneva, and a year in Lugano.

As usual, Switzerland is postcard-beautiful.

We stayed in a small town near St. Moritz before the trip.
Kilian had his first fondue.

A first for everything in life.

Then off - on my birthday!
In a lovely panorama train car.
With (of course - it's Swiss law) perfect weather.

And lunch on board.
With schnapps.

And a Swiss goat.

The Glacier Express is actually just a regular train route.
But now it has a name. 

But you can get on and just - ride the "regular" train.
And see the same ridiculously beautiful scenery.

At the end of the trip, we rented a small place in Täsch. 
Just outside the bustle of Zermatt. 

(I booked places just outside St. Moritz and Zermatt.
Less expensive. 
Less crowded. 
Same train.)

Got a chance to do some good hiking and Alpine exploration.
Kilian even found a lake to jump into.

The view of the Matterhorn was unusually clear.
Perfect summer weather.

Then - Iris and Mikey had to return to Berlin. 
Kilian returned to Boulder. 

And Trish and Stan got back on another train. 

We rented a small apartment with a balcony in Montreux.
On the edge of Lake Geneva for a few days.

That gave us a chance to draw and play guitar.

Switzerland is one of those countries where it's pretty excellent to visit.
And the Glacier Express? 

Through the Alps?
With schnapps and a mountain goat?

Can't get much better than that. 

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