08 August 2015

Swiss Lakes and Glacier Trains

More Alps!

Mikey and Iris and Kilian join us in Switzerland - we're off to find some Alps!
From various directions, we find each other at the "Meeting Point".
Zürich train station.

Our plan was to take the Glacier Express - this time in summer.
From St. Moritz to Zermatt, across the Alps. 

I lived in Switzerland for 5 years - 2 years in Zürich, 2 years in Geneva, and a year in Lugano.
As usual, Switzerland is postcard-beautiful.

We stayed in a small town near St. Moritz before the trip, and Kilian had his first fondue.

Then off - on my birthday -  in a lovely panorama train car, with perfect weather.

And lunch on board.
With schnapps.
And a Swiss goat.

At the end of the trip, we rented a small place in Täsch, just outside the bustle of Zermatt. 

 Got a chance to do some good hiking and Alpine exploration.
Kilian even found a lake to jump into.

The view of the Matterhorn was unusually clear, perfect summer weather.

Then - Iris and Mikey had to return to Berlin. 
Kilian returned to Boulder. 
And Trish and Stan got back on another train. 

We rented a small apartment with a balcony in Montreux, on the edge of Lake Geneva for a few days.

That gave us a chance to draw and play guitar.

(Small drawings from the corners of my journal..)

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