25 July 2015

Chamonix, France

Under the Shadow of Mont Blanc.
We migrate from vineyards to mountain peaks and valleys.

No, that's not us. I'm just watching them from a safe distance.

UP! -We thought. Where it's cooler! 
- Its been SO HOT this summer. 

So we look at a map and try to figure out where we could go where it's NOT so hot. 
-Although - I think we might have overdone it. 

Found a great tiny cabin in Chamonix, and hopped on the train. 
We borrow warm clothes from our hosts to explore the mountains.

A world of rock and wonder, activity and strength...
Aiguille du Midi. Sea of Ice Glacier.

These are Serious Mountains, even in summer.

Our hosts had ALL the gear, except shoes that fit Stan. So he went up the Alps in his sandals.
Deep blue sky, filled with paragliders. 
The town is FULL of summer Alpine tourists. 
Trains, bobsled runs, mountain bikes, hikers, helicopters, trams, cable cars, cog railways. 

This place is very popular. 
And very beautiful. 

We hike a lot. 
Down to ice caves, up to Alpine peaks. 
-With the help of a few mountain railways.

The hike up to our tiny cabin. It was built by our host's father. The family of 6 lived here!

Only 2 rooms.
Perfect for us.

Just far enough out of town to feel secluded.

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