The Wine Route of Alsace

Welcome to Alsace!

Along the "Route des Vins".

The Wine Route, with brother Tom, visiting from Bordeaux.

Wineries everywhere.

Each town looks like a postcard.


There's a "wine route" - from Strasbourg to Colmar - which we drove (it would make a great bicycle trip, too-), stopping in various villages where Tom had set up appointments to taste wines. Riesling, Sylvaner, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris - completely different from the wines we'd just enjoyed in Burgundy and Provence. 


This is a beautiful corner of France!


It feels almost German, and of course, it was part of Germany.
France and Germany seem to hand it back and forth over the course of history.


The building style, and even the food feels more German than French. 

Strasbourg - lovelier than I remember. For several years, I lived a couple hours away in  Germany.

Strasbourg also has an AMAZING cathedral. At night, the outside is illuminated.

Tom arranged quite a number of wine tastings. 

We estimated we tried 49 different wines from Alsace! 

I love the buildings, and took dozens of photos. I've always been a fan of the "Fachwerk" style of exposed timber buildings. I lived in one while I went to college in Würzburg.

These days, the buildings are being appreciated again - and are well maintained. 

(In the 1970's, they were often thought hopelessly old-fashioned.)

We explored the entire region, from the wonderful old car museum in Mulhouse, through all the villages along the "Wine Route" - back to Strasbourg. 

And all along the way - stopping for a glass of wine.
A bit of a tasting. 

Especially good with the local brats and sauerkraut.