Wonderful Wines of Burgundy

I love Burgundy wines!

I don't know if I really knew that before.

In fact, I'm not sure I knew exactly where Burgundy was in France.

I didn't know that all Burgundy whites are Chardonnay, which I thought I didn't like.

But I like these.

I didn't know that Burgundy reds are Pinot Noir.

And, unlike the Bordeaux, they aren't blends.

Now, the names actually MEAN something to me.

Côte de Nuits. 
Côte de Beaune. 
Mâcon Villages. 

And oh, man - they're REALLY GOOD.

Even up to Chablis, and down towards Côtes du Rhône. 

Flinty, silky, delicious.  

I didn't appreciate them enough while we were there. 

When we returned home, I tried to buy some of those names in the US- whew! Pricey!
And somehow - just - not as good. Probably just not the same atmosphere...

Traveling by bus and by train, we stop in various villages in France. 

We stay in a renovated bakery. 
In a medieval tower. 
In the attic of a 12th century abbey. 
In a small village near Santenay. 

Everywhere we go, we ask - 
"Where should we go next?" 
And then we go. 

No guidebook. 
No suitcase. 

Even walking is easy. 
And that senior train pass is a pleasure.

The towns are perfect Asterix towns!
I had no idea they were so wonderfully crooked!

Even though Burgundy wines are so well known, most of the villages and towns here are pretty sleepy. 

Rivers run through them. 
Bicycles are perfect. 

The buildings are old, and the people are delighted we came to visit. 

We're off the beaten Burgundy trail.

When possible, we borrow or rent bicycles and explore. 
It's exactly what I hoped to be doing.

At lunch time, there's always an excellent meal. 
With some delicious wine.

In the supermarket, there's an entire aisle for "Premier Cru" and "Grand Cru" wines only. 

In addition to the generous "regular" wine selection elsewhere in the store.

(As my Dad used to say - "Not too shabby.")