Hot Days in Provence, France

European Heat Wave!

Nothing is air-conditioned. 
It's HOT. 

Everyone is suffering.

The woman in the tourist office had her bare feet deep in a bucket of cold water under her desk.
Two fans at full blast.

Everyone is complaining about the heat. 

So - we hopped on a train to Provence. 

Figured we could find a place with a pool - and - some good chilled rosé wine. 

The Mediterranean is just below us. 
2 hours south. 

Italy - just east. 
Languedoc, just west.  

I picked grapes in Languedoc in 1975. 

Last year, we went back and visited the village where I worked. 
Not all that much had changed.

Trish - picking grapes in 1975. Corbières.

Sure enough, I found a tiny stone house in a garden in Provence.  With a POOL.

Our tiny house in Carpentras, Provence.

In Carpentras, near Mont Ventoux, where they grow some excellent wines. 

We found salad makings and wine. 

The small supermarket had an incredible selection of Provence rosé wines - an entire wall.

The villages are lovely. 
Pink stone, churches, flowers. 

Vineyards and olive orchards. 

Mineral baths and wineries.

A bit like the Tuscan hill towns. 
But - Provence style. 

Huge fields of yellow sunflowers. 
No wonder Van Gogh painted them.

We could explore. 
But - mostly - we plan to stay IN the water.

Perfect summer living.
Isn't that what the south of France is for?

In the pool. With the essentials.