Bikes in Berlin and a Brandenburg Weekend

 The entrance to our rental apt in Berlin is NOT promising! 

Inside, the apartment is fine. It's okay.
It's in Prenzlauerberg, where we want to be.

 Mikey and Iris are living nearby. 
(And there's a baby on the way-!)

Your own fault for making that face, Mikey! Nice Itchy Feet t-shirt, though.

We borrow their bikes and terrorize the city streets.
Not intentionally.

People actually follow the Rules of the Road here.
Not like New Mexico. 
We're used to riding where and how we want.

It's hard to remember to obey traffic rules.

And: we're NOT the only ones on bikes!
Everyone's on a bike!

So - when we stop suddenly to check the map:
Everyone behind us nearly crashes into us.

You can IMAGINE the chaos we create.

The downside to living on the 5th floor.

Café lifestyle.

Berlin is flat. 
Bikes are a great way to enjoy the city.

Lakeside in Berlin. Summertime! Last time we were here, it was bitter cold and snow.

And then? 
What else to do in Berlin in July?
(We save the many museums for our winter visits.)

Head to the country!

We rent a small house somewhere in the lake country of Brandenburg.

The flowers! The fruits!
Everything so ripe. Lush.

There are 12 different types of fruit growing in the garden.

Things would NEVER look this juicy in New Mexico.

So what do you do with ALL that extra fruit?

- Make schnapps.

Good coffee - and homemade schnapps!

The owner, Lore, has 7 different types of homemade fruit schnapps.
Each type is in a different, old-fashioned bottle.

We promise her we'll try at least a few.

(We did - I think the raspberry won.)

We're REALLY in the country here. 
It's the "back of beyond" to those living in Berlin.

 Corn fields. Wheat. Chickens. Jam.

They sell blueberries, cherries, eggs, and chanterelle mushrooms by the side of the road.

It's an honor system. 
With a box for you to leave your money.

It's VERY rural. 

We explore. We read. Draw.

Mostly, we just chill.

Then - Stan makes a salad for dinner. 

Afterwards - a small glass of homemade schnapps as a "digestive".

See? Our life isn't always high adventure.