06 October 2016

Puzzle Monkey

Once, working for Pan Am in Liberia, we lost a monkey in an airplane.

Camels are probably just as much trouble as monkeys. But at least you can FIND a camel.
Found the cage. It was empty. 
We took that plane apart - but - never found the monkey.

Between searches for missing monkeys. 
For years afterwards, if things went wrong at the airfield, we blamed it on that missing monkey:
"Late arrival? Probably caused by that monkey." 
"No radio contact? Monkey probably ate through the wires."  

The monkey was easy to blame.

This month, the Puzzle Monkey worked on my blog. 
Drawn by Erik Rempen
Some posts didn't go out at all.

Some went out Indochina time, others Mountain Time.
One or two appeared on Facebook, but weren't sent to email subscribers. 

Later posts appeared before earlier posts. 
And - this morning, I received a post that I wrote in Provence - in July 2015! 

I have NO logical explanation. 

Chiles are used in India to ward off djinns - wonder if they'd work on mystery monkeys?

No real harm done - it's only a blog. 

Analog tools. Easier than puzzle monkeys. 

But - now you know the reason. 
Puzzle monkeys. 

And - dealing with monkeys - is ALWAYS trouble. 
You never know WHAT they'll do.

When dealing with monkeys, the best response: A small glass of French wine.

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