Chicken Feet for Breakfast

Today's menu includes:

Chaos Stewed Duck
Sauce Screw
Next to the Flat Fish
Flamed Swamp Cabbages
Fried Eel Paste
Pressed Mole Stomach

These are all things I actually found on the menu. 

Pressed mole stomach-? Flamed Swamp Cabbages? 

-I think I'll have the chicken feet, please.

Stan and Golf and Gung at breakfast in Laos. Chicken feet at center.

As our friends Gung and Golf would say: Yummy!
-They had 3 bowls.

On a boat down the Mekong. Gung thought it was cold-!

One of my all time favorite place, Laos.
Here's more about how cool Laos can be.