02 October 2016

Camel Racing in Pushkar, India

The Pushkar Camel Fair - India

From my journal:

It’s camels—all the way to the horizon. 

Somewhere there’s a stadium and a full midway, with at least four huge Ferris wheels. 
Bands with horns playing.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims.  
Dust and jewelry. 
Lepers and goats.
Food frying.

Decorated trucks and loudspeakers.
Horses and tents.
Painted blue kids with tridents -(representing Shiva?)

Dreadlocks and dancing.
Praying, racing, drumming.

—oh, the noise! 

But: We're on camels, which are surprisingly tall. So we feel a bit regal and above the fray.  

My camel driver asked if we wanted to see our camels race. How could anyone refuse? We got down, they got up and off they went! 
He assured me my camel was the fastest —and it was.

(Excerpt from "Meanwhile, Back in Los Ranchos")