Baby Noah Arrives in Berlin!

How cool - we have a first grandkid!

Baby Noah - born in Berlin. 
13 December 2016.

Iris is Italian. 
My son Mikey was born in Switzerland.
(I was working in Geneva then-)

But he's American, too.
And German. 

Noah will probably be German since HIS Dad and Granddad are also German.
But maybe he'll be American, too.

And with an Italian mother, he'll probably like pasta, so - 

I guess he's an International Edition.

Of course, that means Stan and I have to do a little celebrating here in France. 

We were able to find a bit of wine.
And a place to enjoy it.

Cheers, Noah!

Guess we need to see him in person.
So we're off to Berlin next week.

We'll leave the ol' boat Maggie May to fend for herself over Christmas. 

I think she'll manage.

Welcome to the World, Noah!