11 August 2017

Visitors on the Boat - Canal Boat Etiquette

We've had our first boat visitors!

Stan's sister Charlene from New Mexico, was the first.
At the end of a trip from Finland to Holland via Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Then - son Mikey, his Italian wife, Iris, and Baby Noah came from their home in Berlin.

(Yes, at one point, we considered changing the boat's name to Noah's Ark.
However, Iris' father, from Venice, nixed the idea STRONGLY.

Finally got the name of the boat painted again!

"You NEVER change the name of a boat! It's VERY bad luck!"
So - we kept the original name.)

"Sorry, Noah. No Noah's Ark this time."

Then - son Erik came from Bangkok.
He's lived there for about 5 years.

He speaks great Thai.
Not as much French. 

Off to the market in Capestang via bicycle.

Erik draws for a living. We even got to do a little drawing and painting together.

And son Kilian, also living and working in Bangkok, arrived shortly afterwards.

"Since I work online, I guess you could say I'm at the office, right?"

Our first local wine tastings in the area - with Kilian.

We never really had BOAT GUESTS before.
So we had to think about BOAT INSTRUCTIONS.

We're still winging it.
So for now, it goes something like this:

Rule 1: Regulations require that we inform guests where the life jackets are.

Well - that's pretty silly, since you can pretty much stand up in the canal.

I can see it now: 
"Man overboard!"

"Should I toss him a life jacket?"

"Nah, just tell him to stand up.
Walk to the edge of the canal.

And then take a REALLY good shower."

But: we DO make sure we use the handrail.
Especially on the canal side of the boat.

And especially after a glass or two of wine.

Yes, people fall into the canal.

Mostly, it's just embarrassing.

Rule 2: Shoes off inside the boat.
That's easy.

Rule 3: Toilet protocol:
This one is important.

NOTHING goes down the head (toilet) that hasn't gone through you first.

Because: NO ONE wants to clean a blocked toilet.

Rule 4: Use power and water VERY sparingly. (We go into this in detail.)

Rule 5: Put everything back where it belongs.

Otherwise, the boat quickly becomes a mess. 

Rule 6: Close the hatch if it looks like rain.

If not, you - and your bed - will get VERY wet.

Stan - showing Noah how life on board works. Noah's got it down.

Rule 7: Enjoy!

Well, that doesn't seem like all that much after all.
I can't think of anything else.

And ALL of our recent boat guests were GREAT.

You know? This is a pretty cool lifestyle.

Would you like a glass of rosé with that?


  1. Good rules for our beach house as well, espcially as regards the toilet and our fragile septic system. :)

    Oh, and the Lake Michigan water is clean...

    Can't wait to be your guests there and have you as ours beach side!