Duck Eggs - The Story

Remember the ducks? 

Stan was trying to persuade them to move - elsewhere. 
Away from our freshly painted boat - and - they did.

They headed down the canal a bit. 

Friends of ours, Ron and Fiona, live on a lovely old barge from 1910 - "The Swan".
It's moored just a few boats down from us.

Maybe the ducks saw the swan on the rudder - and took it as an invitation to the neighborhood. 

A short while later, Ron and Fiona unexpectedly discovered a nest of duck eggs. 
Nicely planted under their bicycle cover. 

A LOT of eggs. 

- Oops. No bicycling for a while.

No feathered female seemed to be sitting on the eggs, so - we took a couple for lunch.

They're big! And truly - organic. 
Totally free range, obviously. 

The ducks even eat baguettes. 
Of course. They're French ducks. 

Do you have to cook duck eggs longer? 
No, not really. They're more delicate than chicken eggs. 

Just put them in cold water. 
When the water begins to boil, turn it off.
Let them sit in the water for about 12 minutes. Done!

But first: off to market - to buy some new potatoes, some fresh market tomatoes and greens. 
Add a little Dijon mustard, and some French sea salt, and a squeeze of lemon.

Stan choosing greens at the Capestang market.

Duck egg salad. Delicious!

And - a few fresh cherries for dessert.