25 October 2017

Autumn in the South of France

Autumn - the wine harvesting machinery is quiet. 
The fields are turning red and golden. 

Our village of Poilhes. Between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees.

The boats are slower. They take their time.
Most of the tourists have gone home. 

And yet - it's probably the most beautiful time of the year. 
The light is low and shadows are long, while days are growing shorter.

Friends Chris and Tim from New Mexico stop by -

Chris picks up a fresh baguette from our local shop, ordered the day before.
- we enjoy the wine and evenings with friends on the aft deck, and do a little exploring. 

We may look like a bunch of 'greys', but - these are ALL surprisingly cool people.
French kids are all back in school now.

So - we head down to the coast with fellow boaters Fiona and Ron.
The beach is beautiful - and almost empty.

The Mediterranean is a totally different atmosphere from canal life. 
- Even though we're only a few miles from the coast!

In between, a short trip up to Berlin, to visit Mikey and Iris, and see how Noah is growing. 

Great fall weather in Berlin, too!
Stan gives Noah his first ukulele lesson.
(he's 10 months old now, obviously ready to start serious training-)

I visit Mikey's new school at the old "Funkhaus".

The city of Berlin even has islands - which we explore.

Back in France, we explore Avignon, now that the summer crowds have gone.
 And Aigues-Mortes. Both incredibly cool and impressive.

It's a totally walled city - and what amazing architecture!

Then - it's back to Maggie May. Late autumn.

That's Maggie May, with the dark blue hull. In the village of Poilhes.

With the days getting shorter and cooler, it's time for longer walks. 
From a hill above our village, we can see both the Mediterranean - and - the Pyrenees. 

The vineyards are colorful.
The light - the air - just right.

I enjoy seeing the "baguette bags" on people's doorways. 

I had fun drawing a series of these.
The bread van delivers fresh baguettes to your house each morning.
Of course.
(He'd probably deliver them to the boat if we asked-)

Details of a life - thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. Trisha-so so beautiful, I love following your adventures...helps me keep all my traveling memories alive