JOURNAL ARTIST - published! Winter in New Mexico

Back in New Mexico, in winter.

I published another book.

This one is a capsule version of all the thousands of colorful journal pages I've made.
However - I forgot how much WORK it is to finish up a book! 

Holy cow.

I loved making this one.
Even if it took FOREVER.

Hundreds of illustrated journal pages.
(I LOVE doing journal pages. They just make me feel good-!)

Watercolors, photos.
Ideas, quotes.
A few tips.

It's filled with color and creative experiments.

Essentially, it's a personal record of a way of capturing some of the wonderful details of life.

My watercolors all originated in my books, too. 

I have over ten thousand illustrated journal pages scanned. So far. 

But - you can read the rest of the story in the book itself. 

It's on


I got the final proof the day before leaving to return to France. 

Yikes! Talk about last minute.

 (When I have a paintbrush in my hands, anything goes. There are now colorful things all over the garden.)

So - Stan and I spent the winter months in sunny New Mexico.

It wasn't really planned.

But: It was surprisingly dry and warm.
Hard to argue with that.

All the migrating birds escaping from the cold of the north spent the winter in our neighborhood.

-Couldn't really blame them.

Hundreds of sandhill cranes, geese, ducks - all sorts of birds.

Erik and Kilian - an unexpected pleasure - were also in New Mexico this winter.

Stan was productive, too.
He recorded several (!) new CDs.

They're ALL available on his website - for free downloading:

Stan's CDs and DVDs - the entire collection

Me - I worked on this book.
It took a LOT of work.

And another one about my family history.

I spent pretty much every day happily tucked away in a sunny Studio.

But as usual, it wasn't all work. 

Anywhere in life - there's ALWAYS time for - just a little celebration.


And now, we're outta New Mexico.
Bound for the boat in France.

But more about that soon.