11 April 2018


Remember all that sunshine we had in New Mexico? 
All the rain we were missing came HERE. To France. 

All over Europe, apparently. 
We heard it was a cold and wet winter. Windy and chilly.

Friends Ron and Fiona sent this of their boat "The Swan" this winter.

It's incredibly wet! 
Rain FILLED a bucket I had on the aft deck - several times over.
-That's way more than we get in a year - or two - in New Mexico.

NM Christmas decorations. Candles in sand-filled paper bags. Wouldn't work if we got rain like this. 

People from New Mexico aren't good at knowing how to deal with rain. 
Our shoes were soaked right away. (Puddles! I forgot about puddles. I looked for tadpoles.) 

Our dinky little umbrellas - the wind laughed at them and blew them inside out. Pfft. 
Our backpacks and clothes got soaked. 

So we figured we'd take off to spend a day or two in museums. 
Found a rainy castle between the mountains and the Mediterranean.
Very impressed with the views of spectacular snow-covered Pyrenees - between the clouds.

View from the castle window. There ARE mountains there. Big ones. Somewhere.

The clouds come down from the mountains to touch the towns.
The vineyards are just gnarled and bare. 
Hard to believe they'll be full of leaves soon.

No, not snow. Rocky soil, apparently good for holding in heat.
Some vineyards in Languedoc seem to be pure rocks.
Other vineyards are filled with wildflowers between the rows of grapes.
I don't know enough to know why. I just admire them.

Rain or not, it felt great to get back. 
See some of the friends we've met over here. 
Share a small glass or two and catch up on stories.
Clean off the boat when the rain stops.

"Boat People of Poilhes". We're not as old as we look. And we DO have a GOOD time!

And look! The first few leaves! There's hope after all.

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