Carriacou - Island of the Bananaquit Birds


 Almost heaven. 
Maybe it is.

The view from our wooden balcony in Carriacou.

Woke up to a small black and yellow bananaquit bird. 

He's singing to his reflection. 
In our bathroom mirror. 

Obviously impressed, he sits on the faucet and sings away. 

He flies out the open window, but comes right back.

Our "home" in Carriacou. And - the bananaquit.

Love is like that.
A lizard is watching us silently, head turned.

Dawn behind us, turquoise sea and sailboats in front.
Breezy and fresh. No one else around. 

No cars, no voices, no motors, only wind and birds.

Stan plays - and the birds think it's a game, so they sing even stronger.

We’re at Carriacou Cottages. Perched above Bayaleau, on the windward side. 

Simple, colorful wooden cottages, with balconies, mosquito nets, cold water showers. 

And the most splendid view. 
Union Island (and a few others in the Grenadines chain) in the distance.

This island is just the right size. 
Everyone knows each other. 

People on the street wave. 
Older couples in gloves and hats nod and smile hello. 

There’s one deli. One pizzeria. One pharmacy.  

Shops and restaurants are small in Carriacou.

A few decent restaurants. A fruit market.
Two dive shops. Dozens of beaches. 

The roads are steep and narrow, but there’s very little traffic. Most people take the "money bus" to town. 
About $1.

How to get to Carriacou? 
You take the ferry from Grenada.
It arrives every morning. 

Bananas, cargo, boxes, relatives - everyone comes out. 

It’s a happening.

Watching the dock scene from our seat on the ferry.

Carriacou is in the southern Grenadines, but - really part of Grenada.
There's also a Petite Martinique. And a Petit St. Vincent. 

Everything is kind of "petit" around here. 

The water is crystal clear.
The boats are small.

I could have stayed longer. 
I can easily imagine returning, and spending a longer time on Carriacou.

Move over, Grenada.
I've just found my new favorite spot!