Sailing the Turquoise Grenadines

St. Vincent “Vincy” and the Turquoise Grenadines

View of the Grenadines by air. Splendid - looks like snorkeling is a definite possibility.

I don’t think anyone could help liking the Grenadines
The people are warm and friendly. 

They enjoy life. 

The islands are mountainous, beautiful.
Surrounded by warm seas.
And the most amazing shades of turquoise blue and aqua.

I've always wanted to explore the Grenadines. 
It's been on my list for years. 

I'm pretty excited about it. 

We charter a 45' monohull, with a captain, to spend a week sailing the islands. 
It's still very windy, and I'm ready for adventures!

The plastic step stool is a nice touch.

We take a very small plane and a very green jeep to find our boat.

The only taxi driver on the island.
He gave us the island tour. It only lasted a few minutes. It's a small island.

Colorful reefs, clear water. 
Handmade wooden boats and fresh lobster.

The whole place has the atmosphere of a small friendly village. 
Everyone knows each other. 
I have the feeling that we'd feel almost like locals after a couple of weeks. 

These islands are further apart than in the Virgin Islands. 

Lots of ocean in between.

These waves are larger, the winds stronger. 
Our 45’ boat heels so much we can barely hang on. 

All a bit scary.

 I’m glad we chose to take a boat with a captain, a great local guy named Gary.

Not only is he ultimately responsible for the sailing, but - through him, we find the best anchor spots, street BBQs, jeep taxis and lobster when we get to the various islands. 

He knows everyone. 
It’s obvious they like and respect him. 

The "boat boys" know him, which - makes our life easier, too.

(With him, we got to visit a killer local BBQ scene-!
NOT one I was going to pull a camera out at.)

When the sailing gets too intense or tiring, he takes over. 

And we just - hang on and enjoy.

If this isn't heaven, then - I don't know what is.