Aboard the Windjammer "Sagitta"

In the spirit of research and adventure, we found ourselves on board a lovely old 122’ 3-masted “Windjammer”. 

The crew is from Guyana, the Galapagos, Ecuador, Nevis. 
There are 10 passengers. We sail out of St. Maarten.

Our cabin is luxurious compared to the smaller boats we’ve been on. 
Our private bathroom even has a separate shower! 
No spraying everything! 

Plus, someone else is shopping and cooking. 
It feels rather decadent. 
Two coolers are always filled with rum, beer and wine. 

We see double rainbows and even the elusive green flash at sunset. Twice.
Of course, that may be the rum. 

-Toss another umbrella in that drink, will you?

There are no power winches here. No bow thrusters. 
No self-furling sails. No automatic anything. 
These sails take muscle. (Good thing the crew provides most of that.) 
It’s a beautiful ship. 

At night, we dance on the teak deck below the stars.

This trip is through the Leeward Islands, larger and better known than the Windwards. At night, some of the sailing is rough enough to worry about falling out of bed.

-Just the right amount of adventure.

"Man the winches! Full speed ahead! Ahoy!"