Mostly Harmless in the Tobago Cays

“Mostly Harmless” 

We took Dave’s wooden boat, “Mostly Harmless”, out to the Tobago Cays, along with 4 young Grenadian students, an Italian visitor, and an English family of 3. 

And several GALLONS of rum punch and a cooler FULL of local beer. 

Oh, the COLORS of that water!! 
I’ve never SEEN shades of aqua and turquoise like that!

The winds were high. The seas were rough. 

There were a few tense moments as the powerful motor coughed and failed for a spell as the waves knocked the boat around. But we survived. 
And wound up snorkeling - in water a color I’ve truly never seen before. 

Fish and corals and turtles and rays. 
As we neared a pristine beach on a narrow island, a fellow in a small bright red boat asked if we wanted lobsters or fish for lunch.

Off on a lobster mission.

He took our order, and buzzed off to catch the lobsters. 
An hour later, we had the most delicious lunch on tables on the sand.

The local lobsters don't have big claws - they're spiny.
Apart from us, the island was deserted. 

It's one of the many beautiful and deserted islands in the amazing Tobago Cays. 

The Tobago Cays belongs to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but it's a short trip from Carriacou. 
A bit rough, but - totally worth it.

"Scaramouche" from the film "Pirates of the Caribbean" sails by us. How fitting.

While we are waiting for our lobster, our captain finds a few conch snacks.
The water is so clear, he can reach down and pick them out.

Cleaning the conch.

The only downside to this paradise is the incredibly strong wind. 
Each time we visited the Cays, it was blowing.  

But, once you get underwater - who cares? 
The snorkeling - among the turtles, too - is amazing.  

The lone palapa.

One of the islands has only one lone palapa umbrella. 
That's the only existing structure. 

When we visited, there was a rasta-type couple under the umbrella. 
Off a nearby anchored sailboat.

Just came over with their boat for a snorkel and a smoke.

Mostly Harmless Captain and First Mate chill on Happy Island

On the way, we stopped at "Happy Island". 

The only building on the tiny rock island is a bar.

Fresh lobster, rice and plantains. Delicious.

Bon appetit!