23 March 2015

Sailing the The Leeward Islands

On board "Sagitta", we sail the Leeward Islands.
Some of my brief impressions:
The Windjammer "Sagitta"
St.Barts is posh. Yachts (and people) are jaw-droppingly sleek and expensive. Our ship fits right in, but by no means stands out. 
This scene is about power and wealth. 
There’s plenty of both on display here. 
(I don't think I took any pictures - !)

Nevis is old-fashioned and comfortable. Behind Charlestown, cloud-covered Mount Nevis sends a cool breeze into town. Women wear hats and heels. Men’s shoes are polished, they walk with canes. Beach attire seems too casual. It feels sedate and attractive, and a world away from St.Barts. I like it.

In St. Kitts, we discover the excellent “Historical Cultural & Educational Research Facility and Document University” and owner “Doctor of Culture” Mr. Winston Nisbett. Birds, appliances, documents, photographs, mongooses, monkeys, tools, guitars, all gathered and proudly displayed. Wild.
Anguilla has the most glorious beaches! Otherwise, it’s pretty flat and dry. 

I’m surprised how very different the various islands are. We see whales - and squid! Eight very cool synchronized color-changing squid in a row - while snorkeling. 
-One of my coolest experiences ever.

We started and ended in St. Maarten, but spent little time there.