Sailing the The Leeward Islands

On board "Sagitta", we sail the Leeward Islands.

The Windjammer "Sagitta"

We've been traveling around the Caribbean for nearly 3 months. 

At the end of our trip, we decided to try something different.
Booking a last minute cabin, we set sail on a gorgeous "tall ship", the Windjammer "Sagitta".

The Leeward Islands lie between Puerto Rico and Dominica. 
Kind of in the middle of the Caribbean chain of islands. 

A few impressions:

St. Barts is posh. 

Yachts are jaw-droppingly sleek and expensive. 

People are aware of their looks and the impression they make on others. 
Our incredible ship fits right in, but by no means stands out. 

The St. Barts scene is about power and wealth. 
There’s plenty of both on display here. 

(I don't think I took any pictures - !)

Nevis is old-fashioned and comfortable. 

Behind Charlestown, cloud-covered Mount Nevis sends a cool breeze into town. 

Women wear hats and heels. 
Men’s shoes are polished, they walk with canes. 

Beach attire seems too casual. 

It feels sedate and attractive. A world away from St.Barts. 
I was here with my family in 1980, and liked it then. 

I still like it.

In St. Kitts, we discover the excellent 
“Historical Cultural & Educational Research Facility and Document University”.

The owner is “Doctor of Culture” Mr. Winston Nisbett. 

The museum is FULL: 
Birds, appliances, guitars, tools.
Documents, photographs, mongooses, monkeys.

All gathered and proudly displayed.

We LOVED this spot.

It's a one-of-a-kind museum, totally personal, totally quirky.
The collection is wild and chaotic.

And the personable owner - excellent.

On to - Anguilla - with the most glorious beaches! 

Otherwise, it’s pretty flat and dry. 

While sailing, we see whales.

While snorkeling, SQUID! 

Eight very cool synchronized color-changing squid.
All dancing in a row.

-One of my coolest snorkeling experiences ever.

Somewhere - in the Leeward Islands.